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Poem Video: If You Believe

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If You Believe from Dhara Yoga on Vimeo. if you believe in the seed it has a chance to grow watch the moon & sun see how day turns to night & returns how days change & become like & unlike themselves if you believe you will have water & light wet days dry days […]


Gentle Yoga Standing and Walking, Oak

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October 2012 Gentle Yoga Standing and Walking Extend your yoga practice by doing our Gentle Yoga standing, Mountain Pose, and Gentle Yoga Walking throughout your day. As you bring your awareness to how you stand and walk, you are practicing yoga not only in your body and breath, but also in your mind. Discover how […]


Routine, Prickly Pear

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September 2012 Routine Finding time every day for your yoga practice becomes easy when you have a regular time and place for it. Fall is often a time for new beginnings or a renewed commitment. Getting into a yoga routine can give you the experience of the benefits of what you are looking for from […]