Julia Doughty’s recent chapbooks available for download here.

one world [2012]

Jane Thing Dumas Teachings: 2005-2007: Part Two [2011]

Jane Thing Dumas Teachings: 2005-2007: Part One [2011]

Jane Thing Dumas Interviews 2010

every part given [2009]

little by little [2008]

being of water [2008]

unroofing the batholith [2006]

softwood [2005]

sky   cloud   trail [2003]

getting golden: the notebook of flames [2003]

swim in dirty water: 2001 [2002]

beetle & swan [2000]


Julia’s Story-Poem Booth

An on-going project with her manual typewriter.


Ensemble Anthology
Art and Hybrid Writing by International Women

Virginia Aronson, Michelle Cacho-Negrete, Laura Cunningham, Janet Desauliers, Sharon Doubiago, Julia Doughty, Judith Larner Lowery, Linda MacDonald, Barbara Parmet, Cynthia Rich, Marissa Roth, Susan Suntree, Jessalyn Wakefield.