Creative Writing Mentoring, Classes, and Retreats


Creative Writing Mentoring

To help guide your project, online or in person in San Diego. For any stage of the writing process, from beginning to final revision.

Creative Writing for Children and Teens

One-on-one or group creative writing explorations. For all ages and all levels of experience.

Here and Now Creative Writing Class

(And Optional Audio Blog)

Creative writing reflecting the depths of the present will be invoked with chair yoga practices, contemplative walking, discussions of illuminating texts, and short seed writings: here and now praises, illuminations, insights, transformations, momentary flashes, testimonies, daily gratitudes… Open up your existing writing or embark on the unexpected with these contemplative practices. All levels of writers are welcome.

Interview Story and Performance Class

You will interview someone in the San Diego community, then select a segment to perform. No prior experience is required.

Classes are at:

All Souls Episcopal Church
1475 Catalina Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107


Writing Retreats

A time to create, explore, and revise.
See the Gentle Yoga Retreats page for more information.



Testimonials of writers who received guidance:

It is Julia’s ability to guide me towards extracting the essence of my poetry, prose, and stories which helped me to show what I wanted to convey. She led me to dig deeper into the crevasse and find the tiny fragments of matter of which she knew in her intuitive way was there. Of the many instructors I have worked with, Julia’s profound gentleness stays with me, her words of encouragement a reliable source to depend on.
– Zoe


I’ve been working on and off with Julia since 1993, and she is a superb writing coach. And I say coach, not teacher, because she brings out what is already in us, not just teach us things we didn’t know, though that happens too. She has a wonderful way of pulling the writer in me out and letting her have her voice, in a way no other teacher (and there have been many) has been able to do. I am a journaler, and my day-to-day writing has been so enriched, as has my professional life, which was an unexpected bonus. When asked to draft or edit work, the task is always a breeze.
– Nancy


Julia is an excellent editor with a good eye for clarifying ambiguities and making your work sharper and clearer. She has a gentle way of directing you to improvements. I always find her helpful comments very useful.