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Flowering Sustainable Herb for Good Health

Blue Curls  Trichostema lanatum Blue Curls are easy to grow even in our long drought. Right now I have beautiful purple-blue blooms on my garden plant, and the only water it has received is from rain. Locally, Cahuilla boil the leaves and flowers for stomache tea, and Kumeyaay use the tea for colds. Other tribes […]


Why relax?, Hummingbird Sage, Nettles

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February 2012 Nettles are cropping up around town and up into the foothills. They are a nutrient rich green and can be used in recipes that call for greens, such as spinach, or you can make a tea. They are good added to a soup broth. And at this time of year, nettles are helpful […]


Happy Beginnings!

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January 2012 News I’m excited that we’ve started our yoga classes at the Pt. Loma United Methodist Church! Yoga is a wonderful practice that meets you where you are at right now and that will grow with you. Whoever responds first to this newsletter will receive a Suryamukhi Lip Balm. Coastal Sage Gardening is having […]