Gentle Yoga Standing and Walking, Oak

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October 2012

Gentle Yoga Standing and Walking

Extend your yoga practice by doing our Gentle Yoga standing, Mountain Pose, and Gentle Yoga Walking throughout your day. As you bring your awareness to how you stand and walk, you are practicing yoga not only in your body and breath, but also in your mind. Discover how integrating Gentle Yoga into all your activities will bring you further and further into the benefits.


Coming in November–see the Special Additional Dhara Yoga Classes below.



Oaks will be dropping their acorns in October and November. Each part of the tree has medicinal gifts for us, and the acorns every year are given for food. If you are interested in learning how to prepare acorns from start to finish, please contact me. If there is interest, we will do a six-week class. Acorns are  very nutritious and versatile, and they can be incorporated into many different recipes.


Special Additional Dhara Yoga Classes for November

These classes are additional to our regularly scheduled classes.
Registration is required. Please join us!

Pt. Loma United Methodist Church
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107

Registration is required. Call or email:

Introduction to Gentle Yoga
Tuesday   November 6
11:30-12:15   Free
Join us for this introduction to Gentle Yoga that anyone can do regardless of their level of physical ability.
Registration is required.

On-Going Dhara Yoga Services

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