Daily Practice, Local Sages

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May 2012

Daily Practice

Finding a regular time every day for your yoga practice at home can extend the benefits you are experiencing in class. You can make it as simple as doing Shavasana/Relaxation Pose or one of the Daily Four. Spending regular time with one asana, you may find a natural inclination to grow your practice.



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Local Sages

We have a variety of wild sages growing locally, and they are all in resplendent fresh leaf and flower right now. Most people are familiar with White Sage/Salvia apiana as it is often used for incense, but there are others that are just as lovely for that purpose as well as other uses. A little bit of black sage is a delicious addition to casseroles and stuffings. A couple other plants are like the salvias/sages, but they really aren’t, Basin/Big Sage/Artemisia tridentata and Coastal Sage/Artemisia californica. Coastal Sage is an effective female hormonal balancer for all ages. Not only as incense, sages are effective detoxifiers internally. Be sure to use them in very small doses because they are very powerful and have a drying effect.

We have a plant zone called Coastal Sage Scrub that is at risk, nearly endangered, because so much has been removed by land developments. Particular developments that are a great sorrow are the new freeways that take out large corridors of Coastal Sage Scrub and wildlife and then are replanted with non-natives.

These plants are available from Coastal Sage Gardening.

Wild Sages appear in my salves, oils, lip balm, essences, and spray. Please see the store page.


Special Additional Dhara Yoga Classes for June

These classes are free and additional to our regularly scheduled classes. Please join us! Please see the April Living Yoga newsletter for the special free May classes.

Pt. Loma United Methodist Church
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

Please call or email to register
619-788-4838   info@dharayoga.com

Intro to Chair Yoga
Wednesday June 6
12:00-12:45  Free
Experience how Chair Yoga can offer you flexibility and inner harmony for your special condition.

Yoga for Your Back
Wednesday June  20
12:00-12:45   Free
Yoga can  help heal back pain and facilitate post-injury and post-surgery recovery.

Discount Yoga Therapy Day
Friday June 22
$15 for 30 minute session
By Appointment
Meditative hands-on Yoga Therapy for your special condition.
Call or email to make an appointment.


On-Going Dhara Yoga Services

Please see the Classes and Therapy page

Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga
Yoga Therapy
Healthy Food Consultation
Herbal Consultation


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