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Pause, Elder Flowers, Yucca Flowers

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April 2012 Pause In class, some of the pauses you do are: –When you roll to your side –In between one asana and another –Within an asana You can continue this practice throughout your day, taking a few moments to breathe and just notice what’s going on with your whole being. This helps you to […]


3-Part Yoga Breath, Miner’s Lettuce and Dudleya

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March 2012 3-Part Yoga Breath We’ve been doing 3-Part Full Yoga Breath, Ujjayi Pranayama, at the beginning of class. Some of the benefits of this breath are: Improves circulation and heart Strengthens immunity Increases stamina and lung capacity Purifies your system Helps soothe respiratory problems This breath can be done throughout your day, and it […]


Happy Beginnings!

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January 2012 News I’m excited that we’ve started our yoga classes at the Pt. Loma United Methodist Church! Yoga is a wonderful practice that meets you where you are at right now and that will grow with you. Whoever responds first to this newsletter will receive a Suryamukhi Lip Balm. Coastal Sage Gardening is having […]




I play better tennis now than I did before the car accident.


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