3-Part Yoga Breath, Miner’s Lettuce and Dudleya

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March 2012

3-Part Yoga Breath

We’ve been doing 3-Part Full Yoga Breath, Ujjayi Pranayama, at the beginning of class. Some of the benefits of this breath are:
Improves circulation and heart
Strengthens immunity
Increases stamina and lung capacity
Purifies your system
Helps soothe respiratory problems

This breath can be done throughout your day, and it is ok to do it while standing or sitting.


Miner’s Lettuce and Ladyfinger Dudleya

Miner’s Lettuce is both easy to grow and to harvest in the wild. It will be a delicious addition to your spring salads.

Also, Ladyfinger Dudleya is looking beautifully plump from our recent rains and is sending up new flower stalks. It can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. You can grow it in a container or in a dry shady or semi-shady area.

Both of these are available from Coastal Sage Gardening. (And they are offering free packets of seeds throughout the month of March.)


Special Classes for April

These classes are free and additional to our regularly scheduled classes. Please join us! (Please see the February Living Yoga newsletter for the free special March classes.)
Call or email to register: info@dharayoga.com or (619) 788-4838
Pt. Loma United Methodist Church
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

Gluten-Free and Whole Grains
Wednesday April 11
12:00-12:45   Free
Find out how to easily prepare and replace the gluten in your diet with scrumptious whole grains that provide a wealth of nutrients and fiber.

Intro to Chair Yoga
Monday April 16
11:15-12:15   Free
Experience how Chair Yoga can offer you flexibility and inner harmony for your special condition.

Intro to Gentle Yoga
Thursday April 19
12:30-1:30   Free
Join us for this introduction to Gentle Yoga that anyone can do regardless of their level of physical ability, including seniors and those with special conditions.

Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, and Grief
Wednesday April 25
12:00-12:45   Free
Yoga can soothe your depression, anxiety, and grief. You can do yoga even if you are not flexible or are unable to be on the floor. We will also talk about the benefits of Yoga Therapy. No previous experience is necessary.

On-Going Dhara Yoga Services
Please see the Classes and Therapy page

Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga
Yoga Relaxation/Shavasana Clinic
Yoga Therapy
Healthy Food Consultation
Herbal Consultation


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