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February 2012

Nettles are cropping up around town and up into the foothills. They are a nutrient rich green and can be used in recipes that call for greens, such as spinach, or you can make a tea. They are good added to a soup broth. And at this time of year, nettles are helpful in keeping you well and warding off sinus congestion from allergies. They are high in calcium and protein, so it’s an herb to have on hand and use often. Well, I could go on and on about the benefits. You can harvest them from places that don’t get urban runoff or purchase them dried. It’s not so great for your garden because it tends to crop up everywhere. In Harmony has the dried herb.

Also, native hummingbird sage is in bloom—it has a lovely red stalk with many flowers, kind of like a snapdragon. You can get a plant from Coastal Sage Gardening. Just a little in your tea can help with decongestion and relieving sore throat. Also, the dried leaves can be burned for incense.

 Nettles Tea

4 c. water
1/3 c. dried peppermint leaf
1/3 c. dried red clover leaf or ¼ c. red clover flowers
1/3 c. nettles leaf
1-2 hummingbird sage leaves

Boil the water. Turn off the heat. Add the herbs. Let sit 6-8 hours. Strain. Drink within 2 days.


Why relax when there is so much to do?

Relieves tension: body, mind, feelings
Rejuvenates energy
Revitalizes nervous system
Calms the mind
Improves ability to focus and be effective in activities
Provides access to deeper awareness

In every class we do Shavasana, a guided relaxation, a yoga practice that is easy and effective for helping us experience the benefits of relaxation and deeper awareness.

We have a Relaxation/Shavasana Clinic. A great way to take a pause during the day. Call or email to make an appointment.
Tuesday 12:30-1:00
Wednesday 11:15-11:45

We will practice some other yoga relaxation techniques in the free intro class
Relax, Breathe, Share, Give
Please join us Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012
Pt. Loma United Methodist Church

Also offered Monday March 19, 9:00-10:00 AM.

RSVP 619-788-4838 or info@dharayoga.com

A Shavasana/Relaxation CD is available of guided relaxation and soothing flute music. Please see the Dhara Yoga store.


Special Classes for March

These classes are free and additional to our regularly scheduled classes. Please join us!

Intro to Chair Yoga
Monday March 5
11:15-12:15   Free
Experience how Chair Yoga can offer you flexibility and inner harmony for your special condition.

How to Be a Vegetarian or Vegan
Wednesday March 14
12:00-12:45   Free
We’ll talk about the tricks of making delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes from fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

Relax, Breathe, Share, Give
Monday March 19
9:00-10:00   Free
Find your natural ability to relax and breathe easily. And with that discover your vast inner resources for being flexible and generous with life’s circumstances. We will explore calming practices that you can do sitting, standing, or in any situation.

Intro to Gentle Yoga
Thursday March 22
12:30-1:30   Free
Join us for this introduction to Gentle Yoga that anyone can do regardless of their level of physical ability, including seniors and those with special conditions.

Yoga for Pain
Wednesday March 28
12:00-12:45   Free
Find out how Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga can relieve pain. You can do yoga even if you are not flexible or are unable to be on the floor. We will also talk about the benefits of yoga therapy. No previous experience is necessary.



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