Gentle Yoga Inside and Out

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July 2012

Find out how Gentle Yoga is percolating in you, inside and out. Doing a few of the same poses every day, you get to dive deeper into discovering the infinite layers of your whole being.


Additions to the on-going Class Schedule

Gentle Yoga for Moms & Dads
Tuesday & Thursday
Childcare available, all ages

Gentle Yoga
MW 5:15-6:15
TTh 4:00-5:00

And Special Additional Dhara Yoga Classes and Services for July
July 18   Intro to Gentle Yoga for Relaxation
July 19   Discount Yoga Therapy Day
Please see last month’s newsletter for details.

Special Additional Classes for August
See below


Wildflowers for Peace

Summer’s wildflowers are resplendent! Have you noticed how flowers can make you smile? It’s no mistake we find ourselves in the company of flowers in every special occasion. I harvest local native wildflowers and make prayer-filled glycerin essences with them. You just take a few drops on your tongue for uplifting your whole being. I currently have wildflower essences in Buckwheat, Wild Rose, Yarrow, and White Sage. (They’re in the Dhara Yoga Store.)


Special Additional Dhara Yoga Classes for August

Gentle Yoga for Illness and Injury Recovery
Thursday   August 2
12:30-1:15   Free
Experience Gentle Yoga’s benefits for post-injury, post-surgery, and recovery from illness such as cancer.
Call or email to register

The Yoga Way for Digestive Health
Tuesdays   July 32, August 7, 14
12:30-1:30   $35
Learn to clear out the refined foods in your diet, find easy ways to prepare healthy foods, and discover eating with balance, peace, and enjoyment.
Call or email to register

Pt. Loma United Methodist Church
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
Please call or email to register

On-going Dhara Yoga Services
Please see the Classes and Therapy page

Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga
Yoga Therapy
Healthy Food Consultation
Herbal Consultation


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